Osteopathic Visit

Two thirds of our bodies are made up of bones, muscles and nerves. Many illnesses can be attributed to the musculoskeletal system and can effectively be treated by DOs using gentle touch that promotes the body’s own ability to actively participate in the healing process. In addition to manual therapy your Osteopath will take the time to address your concerns, educate you about your problem, and empower you to make decisions about your treatment plan. Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) are licensed physicians who specialize in manual therapy, order and interpret imaging studies and labs, refer you to other medical specialists and discuss the risks and benefits of other treatment options.


A typical Osteopathic treatment lasts 30 minutes to an hour and will be conducted in a private and relaxed setting. Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is usually done lying down. The physician’s hands are placed gently under your spine, head and other affected areas. This procedure is generally quite relaxing for the patient. By stimulating and assisting the body’s self-healing capacity, osteopathic treatment has the power to restore your optimal health and well-being.


Results of your treatment: begin on the table and actively continue to advance healing in your body up to three days after you leave the office.


After your treatment: you many feel more inwardly focused, reflective, and inclined to rest. You may notice your body adjusting itself after a treatment. Your neck or back may pop or click as your body self-corrects. Sometimes there is a temporary increase in soreness or achiness in your body before it resolves and clears. In the first few days after treatment you may experience an emotional release— variable periods of fatigue or high energy as your body moves towards a new equilibrium. Try to remember that these post-treatment experiences are generally good signs that your body is working on its own healing and be gentle with yourself.


We recommend a series of three treatments for new patients so that we may determine if osteopathy is the right path for you.


Attire: you may be asked to remove your belt and shoes and are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothing to promote comfort.