Insight Osteopathic Medicine

Here at Insight Osteopathic Medicine we believe that if you look at the same problem from multiple different perspectives you gain a deeper understanding or insight into the issue. By working as a team we often achieve a result greater than the sum of our individual performances. We work together to guide you back onto the path towards balance. This allows your body to do what it is uniquely qualified to do - heal itself. We welcome you try a short series of three treatments. Then listen to your body and decide for yourself if you want an ongoing relationship with us as compassionate partners in your healthcare. That's why we are here.

Our Philosophy

As soon as you enter our healing space, you will experience the old fashioned values of love, kindness, and mutual respect. Wherever you are on your healing journey we would feel honored to be able to help you. We take time to get to know you and understand the root causes of your health issues. Rather than masking your symptoms with temporary solutions, we look for more permanent solutions that will restore harmony to your physical, mental and spiritual body. In addition to treating injuries such as automobile accidents, work or sports injuries, Insight Osteopathic Medicine supports wellness goals. You may experience less pain, better management of a chronic disease, increased athletic performance, better emotional stability, and a more balanced approach to life. Visualize your suffering as a tree with the branches expressing your symptoms, and the roots representing the cause. The indwelling health would be the connection to the Earth. We not only address the branches and delve deep into the root causes of your illness or infirmity, but we cure them by promoting Health to the entire tree.

Who We Are