Maureen M. Sacon, DO

Founder of Insight Osteopathic Medicine

Board Certified Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine / Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine / Cranial Specialty


In 1995, Dr. Sacon graduated from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Maine. Following medical school, she and her husband headed west to Oregon where she spent the next couple years at Eastmoreland Hospital in Portland for her internship and residency. She is one of the few osteopaths in the United States who is Board Certified in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.


Dr. Sacon was lucky enough to have met James Jealous, DO, while he was developing the curriculum for his Biodynamic of Osteopathy course, the fastest growing practice of Manual therapy in the world. Since then, she has been an avid student and teacher of his work. Dr. Sacon is the founder and current president the Northwest Osteopathic Study Group, an organization for teaching osteopathic skills in the Pacific Northwest.


“Like many osteopaths I first sought osteopathic treatment for my own chronic pain issues. I walked out feeling disappointed that nothing happened but two days later I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Within two weeks, I was enrolled in the pre-requisites for medical school.”


From an early age, Dr. Sacon demonstrated an interest in the healing arts. This aptitude expressed itself in love of meditation and an interest in anatomy. By middle school, she was frequently asked to massage the aches and pains of friends and family. After leaving high school early to attend college, Dr. Sacon graduated from Simon’s Rock of Bard College at the age of 20. She then spent several years living on sail boats in the Caribbean before moving to Hawaii for a year to try her hand at professional windsurfing. Although she considered medical school in college, it was not until she discovered Osteopathy that she actually applied.


“I feel like I have found my home in the study of osteopathy. It marries my deep love for contemplative prayer with my love for anatomy, mechanical aptitude and genius with spacial relationship. It wasn’t until my first osteopathic treatment that I realized my dream job did exist.”


In 2002, Dr. Sacon, her husband and two kids relocated to the beautiful Columbia River Gorge where they built their dream house in the woods. In her leisure time, Dr. Sacon basks in the zen of weeding and enjoys quilting and scrapbooking. She also loves yoga and Pilates, and feels at peace being and living in nature.