Thomas Stason, DO

Board Certified Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine / Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine


After attending the University of New England where he completed a fellowship in Anatomy and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Dr. Stason completed his internship in Worcester, Massachusetts, and residency in OMM in Bronx, New York. Before moving west to settle in Oregon, Dr. Stason set up practice in New York City, where he spent four years teaching at an Osteopathic Medical School in Harlem.


Dr. Stason’s medical approach stems from the core osteopathic principle that the body is inherently oriented towards a state of health. At all times, the homeostatic mechanisms promote healing and guidance towards a healthier and happier state. The key is to listen for and to work in concert with that guidance. This is his orientation when seeing patients. Additionally, Dr. Stason believes that patients truly operate as an integrated whole of mind, body and spirit. One directly affects the other. When seeing a patient, he intends to identify the aspect of that triune that is in need of more assistance and to work in partnership with patients to help them strengthen each component in order to function as a healthy and whole person. 


In his free time, Dr. Stason enjoys kayaking, hiking, windsurfing, meditation, and yoga. Originally from outside of Boston where most of his family still lives, Dr. Stason has taken to the lifestyle and access of the Oregon wilderness.