Asthma and Allergies

Bobby was an 8-year-old boy suffering from asthma. After he developed a mild rash behind his left knee, his parents sought medical care. The physicians were unable to identify the cause of the rash, and topical treatments achieved no benefit. The rash persisted. On top of that, whenever Bobby engaged in vigorous physical activity, he developed a mild cough and difficulty breathing.


To the untrained eye, Bobby’s rash and breathing difficulties might appear completely unrelated, meriting separate treatments. But after looking closely at Bobby’s home environment and diet, I determined that his rash was actually eczema, and that both his eczema and asthmatic symptoms were the result of an allergy to dairy and soy products. Manipulative treatment and diet modification reduced the symptoms of both.To control his asthma further, I prescribed Advair Diskus, an inhalable drug that combines a corticosteroid to reduce inflammation of the airways, and a bronchodilator, which relaxes muscles to improve breathing. By the age of 13, Bobby outgrew his symptoms.


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