Low Back Pain

Wes is a 49 year old male who first came to see me 5 years ago. He initially hurt his back 25 years prior playing high school football and his back has had a chronic low grade ache ever since. A few times a year his back “goes out” and forces him to lie on the floor for a few days followed by limping around for a couple of weeks. Every time he started an exercise regimen, his pain skyrocketed. He saw me once a week for about 6 months and his pain decreased by about 70%. After careful analysis, we developed a safe exercise program that included core strengthening and helped him recognize when stretching and rest were his best tools. He is now able to consistently workout, losing 30 pounds in the first year. Wes does a regular stretching program for his back every day, plays basketball with friends at a gym twice a week, and experiences only “mild intermittent pain.” Wes is confident and in control of his life and no longer feels like his pain controls him.


Grace had an MRI which showed a herniated disc. Her Primary Care Physician referred her to a neurosurgeon who recommended a laminectomy and discectomy. She came to me for a second opinion. I explained how studies demonstrate that 20% of the population with a herniated disc never experienced any symptoms from that disc, and how the majority of people with low back pain had the same level of symptoms a year later regardless of having surgery.Though she still has an intermittent low grade ache, Grace responded well to a mixture of OMT, acupuncture, Rolfing and physical therapy. It is 3 years later and Grace is still happy that she did not go through with the surgery.


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