Chronic and Acute Conditions


Most people in Western cultures tend to associate certain therapies as helping only certain health problems. Osteopathy’s reach is nearly unlimited because it works to strengthen and restore the body’s own powerful healing ability. All cells of the body require nutrients, waste removal, and nerve communication to function properly. When the body can do these tasks unencumbered, it is healthier. Osteopaths free up these pathways, allowing the body to do what it does best-heal and maintain itself. At Insight Osteopathic Medicine, we treat all ages. You'll find a list of some of the more common problems we treat below.





Developmental Delay

Mark was a 9 year old boy who was referred to me by a institute that helps families who have children with developmental delays. As a baby, Mark fell down a flight of stairs causing a divot on his head. As he aged, he began to miss some developmental milestones. His speech was delayed, and he was consistently a year behind in school. I identified a number of restrictions in his cranium and treated him every month or two for about two years. He now performs well in school, is active socially, and happily playing sports.

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Parker was born “sunny-side up”. A vacuum was required in his labor. He was born with bruising on the back of his head due to the vacuum. During the first few weeks of his life, he would not lie on his left side and developed a flat spot on his head. Shortly after birth, his head circumference was in the 5th percentile.  After about 4 months of OMT treatments, Cade’s head is now in the 60% percentile and he is developing as a happy health toddler.

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Connor's mother brought him to see me because he was unable to turn his head to the left. In my training I have learned to treat infants as a whole rather than focusing on individual parts. By treating his nervous system as a unit of function, and using a myofascial release technique, I was able to resolve this torticollis. After the first visit his left cervical rotation improved by 30% and by the second visit his torticollis was nearly completely resolved.

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Ashley was a 45 year old woman who came to my office with sciatic pain radiating down the back of her leg. She had this pain for about a year. After seeing multiple physicians, nothing helped. During my first visit with her I diagnosed her with a tight piriformis muscle and showed her a number of stretches to relax this muscle. After she did these stretches for a few weeks, her sciatic pain had completely resolved. 

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James was a 9 year old boy who had two scoliotic curves in his back. I was able to diagnose him with strains in his abdomen, pevlis and spine. After treating these areas over the course of about 5 months, along with continued chiropractic care, both of his scoliotic curves resolved.

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Cindy was a 24 year old female who came to me with complaints of anxiety. Osteopathic training often associates anxiety with a dysfunction in the Primary Respiratory Movement (PRM) of cerebral spinal fluid. A common technique to facilitate extension in the PRM is called CV4 technique. Cindy reported that after each treatment her anxiety would be immediately better for a short time, and gradually her anxiety improved to a manageable level.

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Head Injuries

Veronika, a highly functioning person who was having trouble getting through the day let alone a whole week – headaches, mental confusion, visual difficulties, dizziness and mood changes prevented her. With persistent osteopathic treatment, including cranio-sacral treatment, the appropriate referrals and support she now has returned to  more of her pre-injury self. It’s taken a while but with the comprehensive approach to TBI that we offer she now has less nausea, dizziness, headaches and is getting complemented at work.


Visual Issues

Grant came in after seeing a chiropractor for neck pain for quite some time. The treatments would help, but inevitably the pain would return. During Dr. Stason’s exam he noticed that when his eyes were closed much of the strain in his neck would lessen. However, when he opened his eyes the strain increased significantly. With further investigation Dr. Stason noticed his glasses seemed to be the cause of his neck strain. Dr. Stason worked from his optometrist's prescription to determine a new eyeglass prescription that did not lead to cervical strain and this has lessened his neck pain ever since.


Headache and Migraines

Ann started having migraines as a teenager. She saw specialists across the country and took a variety of medications. Menopause caused a severe spike in her migraines. Her head pain was so severe that she was forced to spend most of her time in a darkened room. The first time Ann laid on my table I was able to palpate her nervous system and recognized a restriction in her brain.



Larry, an active 72-year-old retiree experienced vertigo, which limited his yoga regimen and infringed upon his lifestyle. A fall from a cliff five years earlier had precipitated a see-saw of vertigo—severe at first, then abating after three days, remaining at bay for the next three years, then progressively becoming debilitating in the two years prior to contacting my office.


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Asthma and Allergies

Bobby was an 8-year-old boy suffering from asthma. After he developed a mild rash behind his left knee, his parents sought medical care. The physicians were unable to identify the cause of the rash, and topical treatments achieved no benefit. The rash persisted. On top of that, whenever Bobby engaged in vigorous physical activity, he developed a mild cough and difficulty breathing.


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Chronic Pain

Denise led an active life with multiple minor strains occurring in her 20s and 30s, but did not have a chronic complaint until she woke up one morning unable to move her neck. After watching her walk, I diagnosed a postural imbalance from the strain in her leg, and following her first treatment, came up with some very specific stretching techniques and suggested a specific shoe to wear.


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Low Back Pain

Wes is a 49 year old male who first came to see me 5 years ago. He initially hurt his back 25 years prior playing high school football and his back has had a chronic low grade ache ever since. A few times a year his back “goes out” and forces him to lie on the floor for a few days followed by limping around for a couple of weeks. Every time he started an exercise regimen, his pain skyrocketed. He saw me once a week for about 6 months and his pain decreased by about 70%.


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Neck & Upper Back

Trinity was stopped at a light when her car was hit from behind hard. Prior to this accident she had chronic neck and upper back pain which had been keeping her from restorative sleep for about 20 years. These symptoms were much worse after the accident. Unable to turn her head to look over her shoulder, she also had some new poorly defined numbness in her hands. Her neurological exam had some concerning findings so I ordered an MRI which thankfully was completely normal. We decided that weekly OMT with some acupuncture and massage added in occasionally would be the optimal treatment plan for Trinity. Nine months later her chronic issues, including her sleep, were better than they had been in 20 years. I saw her a few years later and she was happy to report that “her chronic pain was still better since her treatments”. 


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Shoulder Pain

Jane is 46-year-old woman dealing with chronic shoulder pain. Happy in her second marriage, Jane has two children, but for more than 30 years suffered severe pain in her right shoulder. The pain had increased so much that she couldn’t even do basic household chores. Her first visit left her feeling peaceful, but the pain persisted and she returned for more treatment. At her second treatment, Jane broke down in tears as she remembered the emotional stresses of her first marriage.


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Pelvic Pain

Sherry had post-surgical pain after surgery to repair a hernia in her groin. As soon as she awoke from surgery she knew something was terribly wrong. Her pain was a 9 out of 10. She suffered with this pain for a few years despite multiple PT appointments, acupuncture, and pain management that included medications and injections into the site of her pain.I began treating her twice a month for about 9 months and her pain completely resolved. I recently ran into Sherry at Home Depot. She hugged me warmly and told me that she has been completely pain free for the 5 years following her osteopathic treatment.



Leg and Foot Pain

Malcolm, a patient with a herniated disc compressing a nerve root complained of tremendous leg pain. We discussed surgery and I referred him to 3 neurosurgeons who all recommended surgery, but he decided to wait. We started with a series of epidural injections which helped quite a bit.