Expectant Moms

Vanessa, a 33-year-old in the 37th week of her third pregnancy, carried and delivered her first two children without complications. When she came to our office, her baby was in a breach position (instead of head down, it is positioned butt down in her womb.) She tried acupuncture, but resisted hospitalization and treatment by her obstetrics and gynecology physician out of concern for side effects. I used OMT to help balance Hope’s pelvic floor. During the procedure she felt relaxed, as did her baby. Six hours later when Hope visited her ob-gyn, the baby had positioned itself normally. Six weeks after that, however; Vanessa still hadn’t delivered her baby. She wanted to avoid induced labor, and came to me again. The second treatment helped Hope begin normal contractions later that day. Three days later, Hope returned because her newborn wasn’t nursing. To the lay observer it simply looked as if I held the baby’s head in one hand, and its pelvis in the other. The baby drifted into calm sleep. Only later did the baby show the more vital benefits of treatment by beginning and continuing to nurse normally.



Complications After Birth

Ryan was brought to my office when he was 12 months old. His mom communicated that he had been on antibiotics more often in his life, than not. Though his birth was essentially normal, they did need to use a vacuum to get his head out and for the first 2-3 months of life, he had a “pointy head.” I explained to Ryan’s mom how the temporal bones house the ear and if all of the bones in the skull cannot move freely, this can cause problems. The Eustachian tube, which drains the middle ear is more horizontal in kids and therefore does not drain as well in adults. I treated him once a week for a month and then every other week for a few months. They called me the relax doctor because he always looked forward to lying on my table and relaxing. He did require one more course of antibiotics after a pretty bad cold when he was two, but other than that Ryan is a happy and healthy kid.


Nate came to see me at 2 years old with severe developmental delay. He couldn’t even stay sitting up if mom propped him up on pillows. He did not make any type of noises or appear to understand language at all. His mom sought the help of every expert in both Portland and Seattle, resulting in a variety of diagnoses – cerebral palsy, autism, and several other “syndromes.” His mom was very surprised when after my first treatment, Nate appeared to be much more in control of his muscles and although he didn’t sit up right away, he seemed “more comfortable in his body.” I treated that adorable child every week for 18 months, after which they confidently moved to California. Nate was now walking normally and beginning to put sentences together. He came back to see me a few years ago at the age of 10 and was doing great. His mom described his personality as maybe a little odd, but he was keeping up in all of his classes at school and hadn’t the need for speech therapy since the age of 8.


Henry’s mom, Stella, had been to see me years before for some neck pain she had been experiencing.  When her new baby Henry was unable to turn his head to the right she thought of me. Her pediatrician had recommended that they get him fitted for a helmet because of his odd shaped head. Stella remembered how relaxed she felt during OMT. Therefore, she was not surprised to see Henry experience the same relaxing feeling when I gently placed my hands on him for treatment. He was able to turn his head normally from side to side following a couple months of weekly treatments. His unshaped head or plagiocephaly took a few months of bi weekly treatments to improve. Henry still has a slightly asymmetrically shaped head and continues to see me every 6 months for check-ups.  His pediatrician has declared his head shape to be normal.


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