Head Injuries

For patients who have had a traumatic brain injury or concussion, life can be challenging. One of the important symptoms is a sense of feeling lost – as if they aren’t the same person they were before the injury with little clue how to get back there. At Insight Medicine, we have seen many highly functioning people who suddenly having trouble getting through the day. Headaches, mental confusion, visual difficulties, dizziness and mood changes all make tasks that used to be simple, now seem strenuous. With persistent osteopathic treatment, including cranio-sacral treatment, and the appropriate referrals and support, many of our patients have returned to more of there pre-injury self. It can take a while but with the comprehensive approach to TBI that we offer, patients can experience relief from many symptoms including:


  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Vision difficulties
  • Mental confusion
  • Mood changes

Strains related to Vision

Another aspect of Dr. Stason’s osteopathic medical practice that benefits is evaluating eyeglasses to see the impact on the patient’s eyes, head, and neck. In his experience glasses are often too strong and this can lead to eye strain, headaches, neck pain, or even dizziness. Once he determines the glasses are a likely cause, he then works with your optometrist (or neuro-optometrist) to determine a new prescription that doesn't lead to head, neck and body strain. What a relief! Please click here to read more about this.


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