Headache and Migraines

Ann started having migraines as a teenager. She saw specialists across the country and took a variety of medications. Menopause caused a severe spike in her migraines. Her head pain was so severe that she was forced to spend most of her time in a darkened room. The first time Ann laid on my table I was able to palpate her nervous system and recognized a restriction in her brain. As I quietly sat with my hands on her head it felt like a door had been opened and the pain poured out of her head. Ann has had an excellent response to OMT and in addition to alleviating her migraines, her chronic low back pain, shoulder girdle pain and insomnia have all resolved with OMT.


Jose, a 16 year old boy never had a complaint until early this year when he started having headaches once or twice a week with pain level as high as 8 out of 10. His grades began to suffer and around the same time, he started having trouble with his friends. I diagnosed a strain in his pelvis which was restricting the range of motion in his upper back causing increased tension extending into his neck and head. The boy had a combination of cervicogenic headaches (meaning coming from the neck) and allergy related sinus pressure. During a 4-week elimination diet, we also discovered a wheat allergy. His neck pain and headaches resolved after a strain in his pelvis allowed more ROM change to range of motion throughout his upper back and neck.


Jan was referred to me from her optometrist for double vision and headaches. In our waiting room, she experienced shortness of breath while at rest. Jan had seen multiple allergists and pulmonologists, all of whom expressed marked concern about her state of health, but none of whom offered any solutions. Our first 45 minutes was dedicated to assessing that her symptoms began about 6 months after she welcomed a new cat into her house. For health purposes, the cat had to find another home. We then worked on her food allergies for about 6 months, at which time I referred her to an ENT for surgery of her chronic sinusitis. With these changes and OMT once every 2-3 weeks for 18 months, Jan’s headaches completely resolved and her chronic SI pain no longer kept her from enjoying hiking and biking, her favorite activities.


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