Leg and Foot Pain

Malcolm, a patient with a herniated disc compressing a nerve root complained of tremendous leg pain. We discussed surgery and I referred him to 3 neurosurgeons who all recommended surgery, but he decided to wait. We started with a series of epidural injections which helped quite a bit. While Jeremy was getting weekly OMT, he took anti-seizure medications and an anti-depressant. After one year, his leg pain decreased by 75%. When his treatment hit a plateau, we added acupuncture and physical therapy exercises, along with more epidural injections to augment his treatment. During the next year, I prescribed topical pain and anti-inflammatory cream and continued monthly OMT. The following year Jeremy was nearly completely pain free, living a normal life without surgery.


Emily came to see me with foot pain and weakness, which did not resolve after her lumbar surgery. I ordered an MRI of her neck to confirm my diagnosis of cervical stenosis, immediately notifying a neurosurgeon to perform urgent surgery. The key is knowing when you might be able to avoid surgery, when surgery is inevitable, and when surgery is urgent. We can help you determine if surgery is your best option, or if your particular circumstances merit non-surgical treatment plans.


Oliver started having pain in his right foot a few months ago. Careful questioning revealed that his symptoms began a few months after he purchased of a new pair of boots that were too small for his feet. I treated him once and recommended that he wear proper fitting shoes with good arch support, and to wear a plantar fasciitis brace for a few months at night while watching TV. For immediate relief, he took a powerful anti-inflammatory medication for a few days. One month later, he was symptom free.


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