Motor Vehicle Accidents

Danielle was a former patient of mine who had the advantage of knowing the positive effects OMT can achieve on injuries, so she came to see me right after her MVA. She experienced severe neck pain, but even worse, was unable to think without effort, had trouble remembering things, and her speech was slow and halting. We discussed the forces that caused her neck strain—the forward force and then sudden back lash – whiplash, as it is named for the sharp return lash of the whip. These same forces can cause the soft tissues of the brain to swish and bang against the hard surface of the skull, resulting in brain bruising or a concussion. Danielle had a full evaluation by a neuropsychologist and learned that she comprehends new information more easily if she hears it, rather than reading it, a method she still implements.

After weekly OMT for about a year Danielle continually showed signs of improvement. Following many of her treatments, Danielle called her husband so he could hear how much better she could talk. In addition to her OMT, Danielle received weekly massages for 6 months, then alternated between OMT and acupuncture. Ten years since her MVA, Danielle estimates a 90% improvement over her symptoms.


Dave a 36-year-old man experiencing persistent neck pain and stiffness after an MVA six months earlier. X-rays and other imaging tests showed no structural causes. He tried everything: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, physical therapy, chair massage— nothing worked, and the pain and stiffness persisted. Hoping for relief and a return to normal activity, Dave visited our office. He underwent OMT once a week for three months and his condition gradually improved. Treatment involved “very subtle hands-on treatment,” or “gentle touch.” In Dave’s case, I helped identify a spinal imbalance caused by the accident, then held the misaligned vertebra “in a position where it is freest to move, to facilitate the reorientation of the ligaments.” As a result, Dave was able to reduce the frequency of treatments. Six months later, Dave’s pain and stiffness were gone, and he was released from care.




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