Pelvic Pain

Sherry had post-surgical pain after surgery to repair a hernia in her groin. As soon as she awoke from surgery she knew something was terribly wrong. Her pain was a 9 out of 10. She suffered with this pain for a few years despite multiple PT appointments, acupuncture, and pain management that included medications and injections into the site of her pain.I began treating her twice a month for about 9 months and her pain completely resolved. I recently ran into Sherry at Home Depot. She hugged me warmly and told me that she has been completely pain free for the 5 years following her osteopathic treatment.


Susan delivered her second child vaginally without incident but a few weeks after the birth, started experiencing pain in her right buttocks / SI joint. She was unable to lift her small children without sudden sharp pain in this area, and if she tried to garden for a few hours she ended up flat on her back in excruciating pain. I treated her every 3-4 weeks for about 6 months and her pain decreased by 70%. She continued to receive treatments, but was no longer improving. We tried a course of acupuncture which cut her pain in half, but she still had symptoms. I referred her to a yoga physical therapist and over the past 5 months Susan has progressively improved. She’s also responding well to Rolfing.


John landed on his tailbone when he was 13. Hard. He had been unable to sit on hard chairs or watch a movie with his children without suffering significant pain for the few days after. He lived this way for 15 years following his injury. Because of my training on how to treat a bone like the metabolic field of function,I was able to permanently resolve John’s pain in only 5 sessions.


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