Sports Injuries

Sam is a 12 year old active child who was hit by a much larger soccer opponent. He was unable to sit up without excruciating pain. After gently laying my hands on his for 30 minutes, his pain began to slowly dissipate. Another six treatments helped Sam return to his full activities completely pain free. I’ve seen countless cases of older adults complaining that their backs have never been the same after sustaining their injuries. It makes me smile to think that Sam won’t be one of them.


Kathy a 38-year-old athlete who reduced her activity, and gained weight, because of hip pain. At one time, Kathy was an active and physically fit woman. Hip pain of unknown origin put an end to her activity, and the reduced activity led her to put on weight. The weight gain limited her inclination to exercise, which led to more weight gain. Kathy’s health was in a downward spiral.Her primary care doctor suggested that she get physical therapy. It didn’t help. In fact, her symptoms worsened. Neither acupuncture nor massage therapy provided long-term benefit. When I first met Kathy she shared some history. She had sprained an ankle as a teen, but it healed and offered no long-term concerns. Years later after the birth of her last child, Kathy had briefly experienced relatively moderate pain in her right gluteus (butt muscle). She also reported experiencing recurrent knee pain after a vigorous session of kiteboarding.


Recognizing that residual effects existed from Kathy’s teenage injury that contributed to the pelvic pain after childbirth, OMT relieved the lesions and after her second treatment, Kathy noted improvement. Two days later, she was kiteboarding again and was able to start focusing on achieving a more healthy weight.


Xavier was acting strange and slurring his speech after a hard tackle at a high school football game. He was taken to the ER and released home after a normal MRI of his brain. He came in to see me the following Monday. His speech was normal and he seemed to be thinking OK until we tested him again after exercise. Xavier seemed pretty confused.

He always felt better after getting treated osteopathically and looked forward to his weekly treatments. Over the next few months I communicated directly with the school’s athletic trainer who helped facilitate his resting at home without the stimulation of school for two weeks after his injury. He kept up with his classes doing make up work from home. I also encouraged strict restrictions- no TV, computer or gaming devices. He was kept out of PE for the entire 2 months left in the semester and missed his last few football games. He is excited about next year’s football season and mom is relieved about the testing that we did which included ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). This information will allow us the ability to better assess his brain function should he be injured again.


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