Larry, an active 72-year-old retiree experienced vertigo, which limited his yoga regimen and infringed upon his lifestyle. A fall from a cliff five years earlier had precipitated a see-saw of vertigo—severe at first, then abating after three days, remaining at bay for the next three years, then progressively becoming debilitating in the two years prior to contacting my office.

He wanted to drive his car. He wanted to attend his yoga class three days a week. He wanted to be able to raise his hands for over his head without them going numb.


After a thorough physical exam including some orthopedic tests, I concluded that in addition to the vertigo, Larry suffered from thoracic outlet syndrome. Essentially, his first (top) rib was impinging the blood flow to his arms. OMT eased both conditions, eliminating the vertigo and improving circulation to alleviate the numbness in his hands. As a result, Larry was able to resume his normal activities.


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